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HELP!!!! I was down to 165 and my mom forced me to eat... she saw that I wasn't... that was a week ago... and now I'm back up to 180. I've GAINED 15 pounds in a week!!! It's like she wants me to be fat! How can I avoid her. What can I do to convince her to stop force feeding me!? She sat me in the kitchen and wouldn't leave the room until I ate what she had prepared! She did this an entire week. I want to die! What can I do?!

I need some thinspiration and LOTS of advice!

name: amelia
age: 17
height: 5' 6"
current weight: 180
highest weight: 190+ [a month ago]
lightest weight: 135 [a year ago]
short term goal: 130
long term goal: 110, 105... or lower
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