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Going well!

Hi guys! Sorry havent posted for a while, but i been away. I have pics, but cant loas them on so the URL's r below so just click or copy paste! I have been going ok, slowly but surely! im not too far away from my goal weight i think, my STGW. I was 121 and am now 113 which i am stoked about, but it is taking a little while, but i have been binging but its been 3 weeks since any bad food! i stick to small but high energy which works for me! a LOW GI is important cuz u feel full longer n the energy from the food doesnt turn into fat as quick! so brown bread n stuff like that! Thinspiration is also rly helpful for me, but i tend to be more inspired by NORMAL ppl, as in not models or famous ppl just normal ppl who dont have the $$$ for personal trainers etc! so have a look on the net! see below some pics.
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